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Time to develop your personal leadership?

Many leaders are not aware of how much relational dynamics are affecting their leadership – are you?

Authentic Leadership is a key to creativity, growth, well-being and great results – curious?

Contact us for a dialogue on your personal leadership.

Why Connective

Connective exist to inspire, develop and co-create better leadership.

We believe in Authentic Leadership.

Authentic Leadership is one of the main keys to develop growth, results, creativity, sustainability, and well-being.

This goes both on the level of our society, the level of organizations and on a personal level.

Our experience is – there is a wish and a need for great leadership on all these levels.

Authentic leadership is very personal, and we believe it is about balance, daring, vulnerability, living and trusting.

When we have strong and contactful connection to our inner core and values, and to our environment, then great leadership is possible and often feels natural.

This is the passion and purpose you will find with us in Connective.

What we offer


1:1 Personal Leadership Learning & In-depth coaching.


Leadership training courses in groups.


Inspirational workshops & events on leadership.

Management Groups

Management groups & teams. Leadership facilitation & development.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution in all relations - pairs, management groups and teams.


Creating the psychological conditions for a successful merger.

Strategy workshops

Creating the conditions for a successful strategy development and implementation.

How we work

We aim to co-create and develop great leadership with you and your organization.

All our work is based on the concept of Personal Authentic Leadership

Personal Authentic Leadership is well documented and rooted in the Developmental Psychology and Psychotherapeutic methods

In Personal Authentic Leadership the psychological focus is emotional, relational and existential.

Our work is always co-created with our client. It is with a high emphasis on dynamic, orderliness, trust, respect and compassion, and with high standards on quality and ethics.

Who we are

Kia Karrebæk

Kia is partner in Connective. Kia has extensive experience working with leaders and organizations, both as a leader, consultant and coach.

This includes 15 years’ experience as IT Project Manager, Leader of Operations, and HR Manager in the financial service sector.

Kia has her education from the IT university, and an education as Psychotherapist, Coach and Organizational Consultant.

Kia also works with outplacement and as a Clinical Psychotherapist with both individual clients, couples and groups.

Jesper Bobjerg

Jesper is partner in Connective. Jesper has extensive experience in working with leaders and organizations, both as a leader, consultant and coach.

This includes 20 years’ experience as entrepreneur, CFO and international leader in the media business.

Jesper holds a degree in Financial Management, and an education as Psychotherapist, Coach and Organizational Consultant.

Jesper also works as a board member in several companies, and as Psychotherapist with individual clients, couples and groups.

About Connective

Connective was founded in 2020 by Kia Karrebæk and Jesper Bobjerg.

We are a Copenhagen based company and we work globally.

Through our lives, we have seen and experienced organizations with a lack of good leadership, and how it often leads to bad results and to people in the organization not thriving – even stress or burn-out.

On the contrary we have seen and experienced how great leadership can be transformative to both individuals and to organizations, and how it can create meaning, thriving and great results.

The purpose of Connective is to contribute to better leadership, through inspiring, challenging and supporting.

We believe the concept of Authentic Leadership is an important part of this contribution. And our work with Authentic Leadership is an ongoing journey of development and growth, as Authentic Leadership meet new people, new organizations and new times.

The name Connective?

As humans we are relational beings. It is in the relational dynamics we feel life and leadership unfolding. When we feel connected, life and leadership feels meaningful.

We believe authenticity in both life and leadership is the key to creativity, growth, well-being and great results. 

Being connected to our core, inner rightness and values, at the same as we are relationally connected to our environment – this is the key to authenticity – and therefore Connective.